Why do couples like us hire Denver Lighting and DJ Services?

It's simple. We want you to have the BEST wedding possible. From booking to the last dance sog, we'll be by your side so you don't have to travel the road alone. We're not your just your wedding DJ's, we're your team mates. Full-Service Packages Available -Eliminate the guess work​​. Spend less time stressing out! Customizable, Stress-Free, and Thorough Pre-Planning Process -Peace of mind is priceless​​. We make it very easy to plan with us. Talented & Skilled DJ'sStylish and Experienced MC's -We're the real deal. You and your guests deserve an unforgettable dance party.

What is your process? How does it all work on wedding day?

2-3 Hours Before Ceremony: Your DJ has arrived at your wedding venue! The next few hours are dedicated to setting up our equipment in advance. We'd rather be an hourly rather than one minute late. You are not charged early for this time. Ceremony: Your wedding day starts with the Ceremony! We have seating music of your choice playing to set the scene as your friends and family arrive. We want every word of your Ceremony to be heard perfectly, so we're going to equip your officiant with a wireless headset/lavaliere microphone. We want your vows to be chrystal clear too, so we're going to leave an extra microphone with the officiant. Grandma will be SO happy she could hear your vows! See you at Cocktail Hour. Cocktail Hour: Congratulations, you're married. Can you believe it? As you head off to get your pictures taken, your DJ is heading over to begin playing your custom Cocktail Hour playlist on a second sound system. We'll keep your guests fully informed and move them to Dinner Hour when the schedule dictates. We'll take good care of your guests while you're gone; Just focus on enjoying yourselves before your Reception begins! Dinner: It's time for your Grand Introduction. Let's get loud! Our job is to make sure your Introduction is exciting and full of energy. We may have to tell your cousin to get down from the dinner table once we're done! We'll play your favorite dinner songs while you enjoy your delicious meal. We'll coordinate everything behind the scenes for you. Just chew thoroughly, and we'll handle the rest. Dance Party: You did it! You've completed all the scary wedding things, like toasts, first dances, and introductions. Now you can loosen your tie, kick off your shoes, and celebrate with all of your favorite people in the same room! It's your night! Get ready to party to your favorite music, and experience an evening you will never forget.

What do you do for our wedding?

The most exciting part of our role in your wedding is the dance party. We want your friends and family to be talking about your wedding for years to come! Through the use of our beautiful lighting, your favorite songs, we will throw your guests a party they'll never forget. We don't want you worrying about anything on your big day. That's why we're the Master of Ceremonies for your wedding! Allow us to run your schedule, make announcements, lead your Grand Introduction, toasts and more! So sIt back, take a breath, and enjoy your wedding. It'll be over before you know it.

What else should we be asking our wedding DJ?

#1 - Is your company insured? This is an important question for you to ask. Wedding venues require all vendors to be insured. Some venues will also require your vendors to list their venue as an additionally insured party. Save yourself some time, and hire a DJ company with insurance! #2 - What is your Pre-Planning process? Every detail of your wedding is important to us; big or small! We don't want any important information to get lost, so we came up with a Pre-Planning process that will take the stress/fear out of planning your wedding. #3 - How long has your company been in business? How many years of wedding experience does our DJ have? Your wedding deserves a DJ company with an excellent long-standing reputation. Check online reviews to see what couples like you are mentioning. #4 - How do we book? Is there a contract involved? Most DJ's require a deposit/retainer fee to hold your date. A company proving a valid, legal contract is an indication of professionalism. This contract will also solidifies the agreement you made with your company, so they have to follow through with exactly what you want on wedding day. #5 - When do we meet out DJ? We introduce you to your DJ right away! You'll be able to plan with them, discuss your wedding vision, and more. #6 - What is your policy on meeting, site visits, and general communication? We love meetings, visitng your wedding venue together, and being consistent with communication. We're on your wedding team; We're going the distance with you! #7 - Will the DJ be able to MC our wedding? It's only natural to think music first when talking to your wedding DJ. Before you start sharing your playlist, ask the DJ about their MC abilities. Choose a DJ that will control the flow of your wedding, make excellent introductions, and supervise your schedule. #8 - Our wedding takes place in multiple rooms/venues. Are you able to provide more than one sound system? Your wedding may take place in one area, then a different area, then maybe a different area again! We're going to bring as many sound systems as needed to be sure your guests can have access to music and announcements through every stage of the wedding. #9 - Is lighting included in my package? We have packages with or without lighting to suit any budget, need or style. We only want to provide you with exactly what you need. #10 - What is the final cost? Can this change without me knowing? We clearly state the final price in our contract so you are never left guessing, or fearing the worst; An unexpected bill. (Yikes!)